1. tooo good

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    Another lucky person will find Zico on the schools iPads >.


  4. (。◕‿◕。)

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    Zico is the best male rapper in whole Kpop.

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  7. favourite mv scenes: block b - very good

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  8. We ask ourselves this every day Zico 

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    1. Fan: My mom told me Im prettier than Kim Tae Hee.
    2. Changmin: All parents think their kids are pretty.
  11. five golden stars for kyungsoo

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  12. I AM: Predebut/audition video reactions

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  13. I felt like this needed to be a big gif for obvious reasons… for science

    lol true 

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  14. omg haven’t been here in such a long time :D

    .. now i’m not sure if me returning here was a good idea :D